Video game seeks to give Pax Arcana heart attack

Father Scott

An impending video game reportedly could have as many as 6,000 zombies shown in one screen. Someone alert the nerds at project126, and ready the zombie shark army while Pax digs out a foxhole. Might this be the world’s first GWOZ training game?



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10 responses to “Video game seeks to give Pax Arcana heart attack

  1. A. Morisson

    Can’t wait!

    Check out my Zombie Research Society blog at:

    Hope you like it, and keep up the good work!


  2. WTF did you do to my masterpiece?

  3. Fallen Angel

    ahahahha pax’s comment made me lol

    maybe if they focused less on number of zombies on screen and more on improved gameplay, we’d have an awesome game.

  4. WordPress + my absurdly slow work comp. = fail

  5. Also, where the fuck is Perry Ellis? He chimes in every other week on the random 10, and other than that nothing. Is he distracted by that *ahem* back medicine we shared at the RA concert?

  6. He has a six month old and he’s starting his own company. What a pussy.

  7. Perry Ellis

    Actually, he turned 9 mos. last week. Site’s a week old. check it:

  8. Acceptable.

    Sweet site, though it looks like you didn’t go 100% in searching for good writers…

  9. Oh my God, who came up with the “fungus among us” header?

  10. Perry Ellis

    That would be me, I’m proud to say. Perhaps my third-finest moment, after “Brokeback Monkey” and “This Bitch is Getting Hitched” (about a dog in a wedding dress).

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