Go Red Claws!

Father Scott

The literally scores of citizens populating the great Pine State gathered their children from Christmas-tree harvesting preparation and fly-fishing lessons to make an important announcement: The impending Portland-based NBDL team, likely to be affiliated with the Celtics, has officially been named:

Maine’s new NBA Development League team has a name: the Maine Red Claws.

Apparently the Bearded Wonders was taken.

The name, true to the state’s lobster tradition, was announced Thursday by team president and general manager Jon Jennings on The Big Jab sports radio station. The Red Claws plan to unveil their logo in the near future.

1) The Big Jab pwns WEEI.

2) The Red Claws is a great name. Lobsters! Red Auerbach! Lesser of all evils!

Red Claws chairman Bill Ryan Jr. says nearly 3,000 fans submitted votes and selected Red Claws. Names that didn’t get the nod: Maine Beacons, Maine Crushers, Maine Destroyers, Maine Swarm and Maine Traps.

3) Is it wrong for me to hope Rajon Rondo gets a really minor injury but has to go through a couple-week rehab in Portland, and then I can buy a sweet Red Claws jersey?

4) Yeah, it kind of is. Scratch that. But I can’t wait for the logo.

5) One kind of problem: lobsters are only red when they’ve been cooked. Can we expect much of an effort from a team that, by definition, is broiled?

A controversial zone defense opposing coaches are planning



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9 responses to “Go Red Claws!

  1. So is Mark Blount the official Mascot?

    The original Lobster Claws needs love too!

  2. I did go to High School with Rebecca Ryan (Bill Ryan’s Daughter) but Ive never met junior. My dad and Bill know each other pretty well from being one of two legitimate businesses in Maine.

  3. I like the idiosyncrasy of the name, but you’re right about the boiled overtones of the red lobster parts.

    Also, shouldn’t their logo just be a picture of Brian Scalabrine?

  4. Also, Rajon could never play in the NBDL, there are very clear rules on who can play and how many times a NBA team can send a player back down.

    1. An NBA team may assign any player on its Active List or Inactive List to play in the D-League, provided that the player has zero or one Years of Service at the time of Assignment.
    2. No players may be given more than three Assignments during any season. There is no minimum or maximum length of a D-League assignment.
    3. During the season, no NBA team may have more than two players on assignment at the same time.
    4. A player on Assignment will be carried on the Inactive List of his NBA Team.

  5. Also, dude, seriously, what are you doing with these pictures? WordPress automatically re-sizes them to fit the column, so you must be overriding that somehow.

    Next time try saving the image to your desktop then uploading through the post editor (it’s the picture frame icon above the text box).

  6. WordPress has never done any such thing for me. They’re a pain in the ass pretty much all the time. And saving to the desktop? Jesus, how much time do you think I have in a day?

  7. Also, iphone-style, they have programmed the word “wordpress” (I typed it all lowercase) as WordPress. Nice branding guys. Way to make a difference!

  8. Ooh I outsmarted them. NVM.

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