Recession beards don’t make sense

Pax Arcana

beardAdvertising Age says the latest recession-trend — just behind “ass-scratching” and “giving up hope” — is “growing a beard.”

No, seriously. That’s what they say:

Hence the “recession beard,” a theory propounded by Philips’ Norelco and its recently retained brand spokesman, Esquire grooming editor and New York salon owner Rodney Cutler. Mr. Cutler said he believes more men are letting it all grow out as an act of “playful rebellion,” a sign of defiance and of not being a “corporate slave.”

First of all, there’s no such thing as a rebellion against not having a job. That’s like growing a beard to protest not having an adult-sized wiener. Hey, did you guys know Father Scott has a beard? And a job?

A Lipstick Index for Men? [Ad Age]



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6 responses to “Recession beards don’t make sense

  1. I read about this somewhere a while ago. Maybe the recession is good for something: it’s reminding people how to be men.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lift weights and play poker and watch Spike. [growl]

  2. It’s not just the recession. It’s the situation you are in. There’s a time in a man’s life where you just have to go a different direction…changing your image is a great start. I have a job, but I decided to grow the so called “Recession Beard” because I’m tired of being called a “Pretty Boy”…I’m a man. Shout outs to real dudes Che Guevara, Camilo Concienfuegos and King Leonidas. I can’t believe there’s hot women out here walking around with these clean cut zombie boys who follow commercial ideas and have no style. It’s ashame.

  3. Mike Dee

    I’m all for beards and expressing your male individuality in all forms. but giving shout outs to Socialist killers and men who sold their own people out so that they could have absolute power over them do not need to be given any props. how about giving a shout out to ol’ Abe Lincoln? He had a rockin’ beard.

  4. jon davis

    che guevara not a very nice guy he killed alot of ppl in cuba. let your beards grow men, we are not groomed little bitches! who cares what women want, they want to groom themselves have at it i like my beard been growing mine since 2000

  5. Muslim

    Trim your moustache and leave your beard to grow.

  6. I think growing a beard was the best decision I made. I’ve been cherishing my facial hair for the last five years or so — it’s made for rock’n’roll.

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