The Oz Garden Project Needs Your Help

Pax Arcana

We interrupt your normal smorgasbord of zombie and baseball news to bring you a genuine story of people doing good things for a good cause. And to ask for your donation to help them succeed.

community-garden-intro1My sister-in-law is a medical school student in New Jersey who recently started The Oz Garden Project — a program in which she and fellow med school students will provide the residents of the Ozanam Family Shelter with the tools they need to make healthy dietary choices. The program will consist of two parts: a series of workshops offering nutritional information and skills, and the construction of a community garden where the residents will grow their own healthy choices.

The purpose of the project is to prevent the chronic diseases, like diabetes, that increasingly swallow up our healthcare system:

We are offering residents the ability to grow nutritious foods to maintain healthy dietary habits while increasing food security and self-sufficiency and decreasing risk for chronic medical conditions. To achieve this goal, we need your help. We seek to raise $1500 – $2000, and ask that you contribute as much as you can. Any amount will help us make this project a reality. The cost is modest but the impact of this community project will be invaluable. As medical school students we are fully invested in the effort to prevent chronic diseases before they happen. Now is your chance to invest along side us.

To read more about the project, check out the blog here. To help them reach their goal, the donation page is here.


The Oz Garden Project [Home]
Ozanam Community Garden Fundraising Page [Home]


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