George Lucas is the goddamn devil

Pax Arcana

lucas1We’ve known for a long time that Hollywood is a place where the laws of man do not apply — where things like murder, drug possession, murder, assault, reckless driving, and murder are not considered “crimes” but “obstacles to my next Ivy lunch.”

However, did you know that Hollywood also refuses to conform to the laws of economics? It’s true!

Via FilmDrunk we learn that David Prowse — the actor who paraded around in the Darth Vader costume in the original films — has never received any residuals from Return of the Jedi despite having a contract that assured him a cut of the profits.

Here’s where it gets tremendous. Lucasfilm says that despite the fact that the movie cost $32.5 million to make and made at least $475, it still hasn’t made a profit:

“In the last 30 years you can count the number of times [The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi] have been in the cinema on one hand, and it never returned much money,” he said in an interview in Equity magazine. “I get these occasional letters from Lucasfilm saying that we regret to inform you that as Return of the Jedi has never gone into profit, we’ve got nothing to send you. Now here we’re talking about one of the biggest releases of all time.”

FilmDrunkard commenters say Prowse’s situation is not unique — Hollywood studios have for years avoided paying out percentages of net profits by hiding those profits behind drummed up expenses.

I say I don’t care about that — I want George Lucas to atone for those last three Star Wars movies by giving Prowse some goddamn money.

What do you think, Popcorn Yoda?





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2 responses to “George Lucas is the goddamn devil

  1. Jaelynne

    Yoda has spoken. So it shall be.

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