Claws II: The Revenge


Pax Arcana

Back in December I warned you all about the growing threat posed by throngs of mutated lobsters who were arming themselves for revolt against their human oppressors. And yet you did nothing.

Whether it was fear or acquiescence behind your inaction, the consequences are already upon us — and boy do they look pinchy.

The latest evidence comes from the GoodMorningGloucester blog, which offers video proof that the local lobster population is sprouting extra limbs to aid in its bloody ploy:

While you sat on your couch eating chocolate bunnies yesterday, I continued my campaign of awareness by carrying a homemade sign reading “Keep Your Claws Off My Body!” outside the Statehouse. Unfortunately there were a bunch of women down there with very similar signs protesting something else entirely. But still I think my point got across.

Freak Lobster Mutated With Double Claw Rerun [GoodMorningGloucester]


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