Monday Filler: Animated GIF-off

Pax Arcana

Today’s filler comes inadvertently from Fallen Angel and his nemesis Walsh — coauthors of the probably-dead Project126. Within the past week I have discovered that both are fans of wacky animated GIFs, and in particular two of them that ended up in my inbox.

Today I’m giving you the chance to choose which one is better. Is it the wacky cat laughing at a drunk/possibly dead mouse, or Tyra Banks firing laser beams out of her eyes and mouth?






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5 responses to “Monday Filler: Animated GIF-off

  1. Perry Ellis

    I don’t think those are lasers. I think she’s vomiting lightning, and it scares me deeply.

  2. walsh

    Let’s be serious… there’s no contest. Tyra Banks will eat your soul then vomit it up as pure energy.

  3. I agree 100%. All cello cat will do is laugh at you as you are consumed by the beast that is Tyra.

  4. Esquire

    I believe Tyra is what they call a “supermodel.”

  5. What is that mouse thing from? I want to say I’ve seen it somewhere before.

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