Nerds aren’t using Facebook

Pax Arcana

A recent study of college students has found that those who use Facebook get worse grades than those who don’t.

Hang on, let’s try that again.

A recent study of college students has found that cloistered nerds who avoid Facebook enjoy far less social interaction than their classmates.

That’s better. Anyway, according to LiveScience, an Ohio State University professor surveyed a bunch of students and discovered that there was a correlation between Facebook use and average grade. To her credit, she quickly points out that correlation does not equal causality — meaning that Facebook is not necessarily the reason those students get worse grades:

“I’m just saying that there’s some kind of relationship there, and there’s many third variables that need to be studied,” said Aryn Karpinski, an education researcher at Ohio State University.

Her study found that Facebook user GPAs were in the 3.0 to 3.5 range on average, compared to 3.5 to 4.0 for non-users. Facebook users also studied anywhere from one to five hours per week, compared to non-users who studied 11 to 15 or more hours per week.

Just checking my status, thanks

In a related story, a multi-year survey of northeastern U.S. private college students has found a significant statistical correlation between men’s lacrosse and overt douchebaggery. The authors of that survey also noted a frightening correlation between those who call lacrosse “lax” and campus shrub rape.

Facebook Users Get Worse Grades in College [LiveScience]


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