What the F is Rolling Stone doing?

Pax Arcana

Mike Masnick of Techdirt points our attention to a week-old story in the New York Times that says some magazines are considering raising their prices.

This makes sense to me. I just paid $10 for a year’s worth of my second-favorite print publication on the planet (Wired). You can get a full year (47 issues) of the greatest print publication on Earth — the New Yorker — for under $1 per issue. Seems like a price increase in these situations wouldn’t make anyone freak, recession be damned.

This idea also made me wonder just what in the sam hell Rolling Stone magazine is doing. About eight months ago I started receiving the magazine at my house despite never having subscribed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Rolling Stone. It just seemed curious that they would comp me a mystery subscription for no reason whatsoever.

Then last week I pull open the lid on my gold-plated mailbox to find not one but TWO copies of Rolling Stone magazine. One was addressed to me — the other was addressed to the discerning and epic Mrs. Pax Arcana.

Allow me to illustrate my point. I subscribed to this:


And received this:


I don’t pretend to be an economist, but this seems like a curious approach. Perhaps they’re artificially inflating circulation to drive up advertising rates.  I don’t know. It’s confusing. And when I get confused, I get hungry. And when I get hungry, I ask questions. And when I ask questions, I forget to eat. I think you can see what kind of deadly spiral I am in right now.

In Switch, Magazines Think About Raising Prices [NYT]
Magazines Looking To Raise Prices? [Techdirt]



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7 responses to “What the F is Rolling Stone doing?

  1. i had a free mystery subscription for like eight years when i first moved to boston. i even called up each time i moved and got them to send it to my new address. for some reason it ended a couple of weeks ago (just before the lil wayne issue!). i’m thinking i’ll probably get an actual subscription if i can find a good deal, like if one of those hoodlum kids from our neighborhood tries to sell me one so they can go on a field trip or buy crack. i really love that magazine despite the naysayers, and i thought their redesign kicked ass. the photos look beautiful now. that’s all i have to say about that.

  2. Good to know I’m not the only one. And it’s good to know you’re posting stuff on Lucy again. If you need any help with your gun collecting efforts, let me know.

    Also, you took the train in from Lowell on Monday? Was it an overnight ride? Did you get a sleeper compartment?

  3. dude, lowell is up and coming. i don’t want to hear that shit. in fact, we bought our condo five years ago for 160K, and we just learned that it’s only lost 30-40K of its value and soon we’ll be out on the streets since we can’t afford the cost of refinancing. plus, a pregnant woman a few doors down from us was shot in her home in the middle of the night last night! plus wilco at the baseball park??? you can’t beat it.

  4. I’ve had a few free subscriptions — US (back before it was US Weekly and it was more like EW), Blender (wasn’t that a joy), and Complex, which is a magazine by Marc Ecko that, after about a year of issues I can safely estimate is about shoes and chicks in bikinis. Or something.

  5. Fallen Angel

    i got a free subscription of fucking details magazine. thing goes directly in the trash.

  6. You’re just not very detail-oriented, I guess.

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