Italy seems interesting

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In fake Italy, a shy American 30-something woman catches the eye of the olive-skinned Italian hunk while Andrea Bocelli shouts vaguely-operatic tunes into your brain:

In real Italy, that guy could rape her as long as she was wearing jeans and the prime minister taps models and actresses for government positions. I’m not saying Italy is ass-backward and sexist, but I’m certainly not not saying exactly that:

The future politicians also include Eleonora Gaggioli, an actress best known for her role in the popular television costume drama Elisa di Rivombosa; Camilla Ferranti, who appeared in Incantesimo, a soap opera set in a cosmetic surgery clinic, and Barbara Matera, who competed in the heats for the 2000 Miss Italy contest and went on to become an announcer on the state television channel Rai.

To prepare for Strasbourg, the prospective women MEPs were given a political crash course by the cream of Italian politics. At the headquarters of the centre-right People of Liberty (PdL) party they received a seminar in European history and current affairs, Nato, the European Central Bank and the IMF from Franco Frattini, the Foreign Minister, Ignazio La Russa, the Defence Minister, and Mr Berlusconi.

He told the women: “You will have to study and prepare yourselves on all the workings of the institutions of Europe as well as the international ones.”

Berlusconi says he’s trying to reinvigorate the political process with a few “fresh faces.” And just because these ladies are actresses and models doesn’t mean they’re morons. It’s not like he’s appointing strippers to cabinet positions or anything.

Oh wait:

The women will follow in the footsteps of such glamorous figures as Mara Carfagna, the topless model who became Minister for Equal Opportunities.

Now thats a-spicy a-meatball!

Beauty of democracy as Silvio Berlusconi picks model MEP candidates [Times UK]



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2 responses to “Italy seems interesting

  1. Esquire

    Hmm. Do you think Berlusconi really tapped that (European parliamentarian)?

  2. sarabclever

    “Perfetto.” That ad cracks me up every time. Plus the line “Barilla Plus?! You’re SUCH a good mom”

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