It wasn’t Jorge’s fault

Pax Arcana

Last night Jacoby Ellsbury stole home plate, sold it on eBay, and used the profits to buy a t-shirt outside Fenway that says HAAHA YANKEES YOU SUCK BALLS FUCK YOU.


Needless to say, stealing home is a pretty sweet play.

Except when you’re watching the game on ESPN, and you’re forced to listen to Joe Morgan say exactly the opposite of what is correct about what just happened. As recapped by Fanhouse, Morgan repeatedly blamed Yankee catcher Jorge Posada for allowing the steal to happen, despite the followingn indisputable truths:

1. It is the pitcher’s job to keep the baserunners on their toes at all times.

2. Posada told pitcher Andy Pettitte to “Be careful” of Ellsbury and “pay attention to him.”

3. Pettitte completely ignored that advice.

Says Matt Snyder:

The play came down to two simple things. Ellsbury perfectly played his maneuver, and Pettitte blatantly ignored a speedster who was taking a huge lead from third base. I’m not going to accuse Morgan of being ignorant on the subject — considering he stole a few bases in his Hall of Fame career — but there’s got to be some confusion or bias on his part to stake this claim.

If I were a sports blogger, I’d start a new Web site dedicated to getting Joe Morgan fired. I would then expand the site into a catch-all basket for sports media criticism. And I’d make it hilarious. Then I would make every sentient being in the world cry by shutting it down to work on a new television show and stare at Rashida Jones all day.

Posada Warned Pettitte Before Jacoby Ellsbury Stole Home [Fanhouse]



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2 responses to “It wasn’t Jorge’s fault

  1. there was a game this weekend?

  2. It was 99% Andy’s fault. Plain and simple, he should have paid attention to Ellsbury. Jorge could have stood up to alert Pettitte to throw a fastball, but I don’t think that would have helped. If we flash back to 2007, a runner stole home on Andy and after the game he said he would not let it happen again. Well so much for that.

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