Glowbeagles will freak you right out

Pax Arcana

Beagles are my all-time favorite type of dog. They are loyal, intelligent, and utterly unconcerned with fetching, rolling over, or performing any other feats they consider beneath them.

glowbeagle“You want to give me a biscuit?” they seem to say. “Then just give me a biscuit already. I’ve got six bushes left to sniff outside.”

And now some Korean scientists have given beagle puppies the ability to glow in the dark. Because who wouldn’t want that?

The four dogs, all named “Ruppy” _ a combination of the words “ruby” and “puppy” _ look like typical beagles by daylight. But they glow red under ultraviolet light, and the dogs’ nails and abdomens, which have thin skins, look red even to the naked eye.

Seoul National University professor Lee Byeong-chun, head of the research team, called them the world’s first transgenic dogs carrying fluorescent genes, an achievement that goes beyond just the glowing novelty.

“What’s significant in this work is not the dogs expressing red colors but that we planted genes into them,” Lee told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Hang on a minute… I think I’ve written about dogs in Korea before.

Oh yeah — that’s right. It was around a year ago, and the government of South Korea was cracking down on restaurants that served dog meat. I can’t help but suspect that cloning beagle puppies to glow red can only mean one thing:

They’re making glowbeagle daiquiris.

Glowing dogs: SKorean scientists say cloned beagles turn red under UV rays [AP]



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2 responses to “Glowbeagles will freak you right out

  1. Or maybe we’ve cracked the code as to what constitutes sweet and sour sauce at Asian restaurants?

  2. i got crabs from a beagle in college.

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