Drunk driving totally cool in campgrounds

Pax Arcana

cooler_scooterAccording to Universal Hub, the Massachusetts Appeals Court recently overturned someone’s drunk driving conviction on the grounds that he was on the grounds — of a campground. Full of coffee grounds. Behind the Ground Round.


Oh yeah — apparently they can’t give you a DUI anywhere other than a public road. And despite the fact that anyone can pay to camp at the campground, it’s still gated and not really public:

[T]he presence of a gate severely restricting general access to the campground is of great significance. The evidence established that no motorist approaching the entrance to the campground could suffer any illusion that he was welcome to enter the campground and drive on its roadways. The fact that the campground solicits business from the general public does not alter the equation; though members of the general public are invited to become licensees of the campground, they are not allowed into the campground unless or until they have acquired such a license. Even more than the fact of that limitation, the gate makes its reality abundantly clear to any putative visitor.

In other news, I’m almost finished constructing a gate blocking off the route from my house to the liquor store. Johnny Law says it’s one way the wrong direction and you’re not allowed to drive on the sidewalk. I say take it up with the courts, Jack. Also, back up. I think I’m gonna boot again.

Court rules it’s not drunk driving if you’re not on a public way [Universal Hub]


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