Hey, I was on The Basketball Jones

Father Scott

As I was watching last night’s epic (as epic as first-round matchups between two teams who aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs go) Celtics-Bulls game, I found myself marvelling at how Big Baby Davis is playing, um, just a touch over his true ability. I kept thinking, man, BBD is getting paid this offseason, and how that was dangerous.

Which reminded me of a few years back when Indiana F Austin Croshere played out of his mind for a few weeks and was rewarded with a $44 million contract in the offseason, which immediately became an absurd deal.

Because I am a genius and felt that my genius comparison skills needed to be shared, I emailed JE and Tas at The Basketball Jones — the best podcast on the planet, don’t deny it — to ask them if they had any other suggestions.

As luck would have it, my question was indeed answered on the podcast. Go to it, start watching/listening at 21:35 (it goes until 24:05). A summary: The boys don’t totally love my choice, as Tas thinks he is a good player. Of course, that’s the whole point — BBD looks awesome right now, which is why he’s going to get overpaid. He’s certainly useful, and I would love, love, love to have him back in green for the right price, but he’s not this good.

Anyway, Tas suggested Ben Gordon, who I absolutely meant to mention. Ben Gordon will cripple whatever team gives him big money (if the economy allows). JE suggested Paul Millsap, but admitted that was more because of his season than his playoffs. Tas then suggested Von Wafer, who is indeed not good and probably will get a deal of some sort, though not big money. The last real suggestion was JJ Barea, which might be the winner, except that his deal isn’t up.

Anyway, I feel like the man because they mentioned my question. And also because I’m right about it. Continue with your day.



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4 responses to “Hey, I was on The Basketball Jones

  1. blah

    Leon Powe.
    At this point it would be more advantageous long term to get swept by Orlando in the next round due to the horrific play of Big Baby. He needs to shoot like 6 percent for the series, and get ejected in game four for taking a dump on Lucky at center court or something. If Davis gets Leon money I’m going to jump off a goddamn building.
    (Yes people can get this excited over a sports team in Boston not called the Red Sox or the Patriots, weird huh?)

  2. I’m afraid Leon’s not an option for this particular exercise, as he 1) can’t have inflated value because he barely played and then blew out his knee in the playoffs and 2) is out for next year because of said blown-out knee.

    • blah

      I know, I’m just saying that if Leon gets lost in the mix because of Davis playing better than usual, I’ll be pissed. And I think you meant he’s out “until” next year, not “for” next year, unless you’re trying to give me a heart attack.

  3. I’m a huge Powe fan as well, so I agree. But torn ACLs are no joke my friend. He’s not going to be back, at least not at 100%, at the beginning of the year. When he first got hurt, all the talk about it was if the Celtics would even offer him any kind of deal since he’ll miss part of the year. I’m sure we’ll have a better idea in a couple months, once the playoffs are over and reporters and bloggers and others have time to devote to Leon. I definitely hope he’s back, though I do think that your fears will be confirmed; I don’t think he’s ever getting past BBD in the Cs rotation.

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