Martian skull will give you space nightmares

Pax Arcana

After reading several things on the Internet, it has become clear to me that there are several truths of our earthly existence that the government does not want us to know.

For example, did you know that the government puts fluoride in our water as a means of mass mind control? It’s true. Oh sure, they say fluoride has been proven to promote good dental health and reduce cavities in children by as much as 40%. And you probably believe that, because it seems to make sense and there is scientific evidence for it. And that’s how I know you’re a mind-control victim and can’t be trusted.

The latest example of a government cover-up comes to us all the way from outer space. Mars, to be exact.

The below photograph was taken by the NASA Spirit rover on the surface of Mars. In it, you can clearly see the skull of an alien, complete with eye sockets and a pointy nose.


As reported in the UK Telegraph, several Internet readers are abuzz with speculation about the picture and will surely be visited by men in dark suits later this week:

One alien-spotter speculated: “The skull is 15 cm with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. The cranial capacity is approximately 1400 cc.

“There appears to be a narrow pointed small mouth, so this creature most likely is a carnivore.”

NASA says the alien skull is just a boulder, and that the eyes and nose are just natural indentations and protrusions. But you and I know better, don’t we? I mean can you really trust the organization that faked the moon landing to not fake a Mars rover and then not lie about an alien skull lying on the surface for all to see?

Of course you do. Because you’ve been drinking the fluoride.

‘Alien skull’ spotted on Mars [Telegraph]


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