The Campaign to Save Paste

Father Scott

My love affair with Paste Magazine is well-publicized around these parts, so it saddens me to see that they’re having serious (but not unexpected) financial trouble.

Via their Twitter feed (@pastemagazine and @joshjackson), Paste has launched the Campaign to Save Paste, in which they basically ask you to donate to a privately-held company. Which at first sounds like some dumb desperate idea a newspaper would come up with, but can actually benefit you.

In a letter to readers on the site:

As the global recession has continued, many of you have written us (especially as ad pages shrunk) to say, “If you ever need help, let us know.” That day has come.

Today, we are launching the “Campaign to Save Paste” to raise money to keep Paste coming to your mailboxes and computer screens. If you are in a position to give even a little, please consider donating. As thanks for your generosity, over 70 amazing artists (including The Decemberists, Neko Case, Bob Mould, Cowboy Junkies, Indigo Girls, Jayhawks, Brandi Carlile, John Roderick of The Long Winters, Patterson Hood, Avett Brothers and Josh Ritter—with more to come) have gathered and donated rare and exclusive MP3s for all who join us in the campaign.

OK, so donating to a private, for-profit company sounds awful. But 70 songs for whatever amount of cash you want to give them is pretty sweet. And if you’re really, really confident about their long-term business plan, any donation of $350 or more gets you lifetime access to everything as well as a lifetime subscription. Note: I love Paste, but I can’t in good conscience recommend you do that.

Anyway, if you love Paste like I do and want more awesome music, or you just don’t want to see Father Scott be a sad panda, here’s the link.


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