And now a word from our sponsor

Pax Arcana

When it became clear that buying a condo and having a full-time job were going to make updating this blog difficult for a short while, I figured I would just fill the void with funny videos and lists of made-up words.

Well, the funny videos didn’t materialize as I’d hoped and making up words turns out to be a lot easier when you don’t have to deal with reading legal and financial documents all day and night.

But we were rescued today with this insanely awesome 90-second commercial for the 1985 Plymouth Duster, one of the high water marks of American advertising. (Clip courtesy of Warming Glow, one of the most plurpletudinous blogs on the cirtrixscape.)


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2 responses to “And now a word from our sponsor

  1. people actually read those financial and legal documents? i thought they just signed them in blind faith because their brother-in-law is their real estate lawyer and really, what could possibly go wrong, it’s all a formality, right? and then their sister gets a divorce and they realize they bought a place that is about to plummet in value and their mortage payments will skyrocket after five years beyond their wildest dreams. but hey, we’re just gonna live in the condo for a couple of years until we have kids, right? and then it will have appreciated in value so much that we’ll be able to sell it and put money down on a nice, comfy home in the suburbs of andover or tewksbury, right? who reads shit anyway?

  2. Lucy, your life sounds really depressing. But entertaining.

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