New clouds are sexy


Pax Arcana

You may know clouds simply as the billowy assholes that keep the sun’s rays from ever hitting Boston, but did you know that clouds also have names?

It’s true! The International Cloud Atlas lists just over 80 different types of clouds with names like cirrus floccus, altostratus mammatus, and nimbostratus pannus. And just because that wasn’t enough awesome, it looks like the World Meteorological Organization may just be adding a new one:

Meteorologists are debating whether to seek formal recognition for the first new cloud variety since 1951, prompted in part by strange clouds photographed in 2006 by Jane Wiggins, a paralegal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

She later posted the image she labeled “Armageddon” on the website of the Cloud Appreciation Society, an England-based group of more than 16,000 cloud enthusiasts created in 2005.

After several more photos of similar formations were posted on the site, society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney asked the Royal Meteorological Society in Reading, England, if they depict a previously unclassified cloud type.

If certified, it would be the first official new cloud type since 1951. The new cloud will be named undulus asperatus, meaning “turbulent undulation.” In a remarkable coincidence, “turbulent undulation” is how Father Scott describes his first and only sexual experience. The bass had harsher words for it.

New cloud type? It would be 1st since ’51 [USA Today]


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  1. Now that’s just not fair. The brook trout was totally consensual.

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