Neil Armstrong dropped the kids off on the moon


Pax Arcana

Boing Boing guest blogger Dylan Thuras had an interesting post yesterday on a subject that should resonate with everyone who wants to preserve the legacy of America’s space program:

Neil Armstrong’s dookie is still up there on the moon — dangling precipitously on the inner cheek walls of our scientific heritage.

The issue, according to Thuras, is that while rocks and other artifacts gathered from the moon are treated with reverence here on earth, the stuff we left behind (like four defecation collection devices) is just sitting up there, waiting to be ransacked by space vandals or something:

While bags of frozen astronaut poop may sound unimportant, even a little gross, some “extreme heritage” conservationists are very concerned about their protection–as well as the other detritus left behind by humanity’s first moonwalkers. For now, Tranquility Base is still tranquil (there is no wind or rain up there to damage things), but preservationists worry that private space enterprises will one day endanger the Apollo landing site, as well as other important landmarks on the moon.

Some preservationists are getting pretty frustrated with NASA’s refusal to protect the original lunar landing site. Luckily, I have a proposal that should satisfy both parties: NASA should rent out a studio in Burbank and film a bunch of actors dressed like astronauts “landing” on the “moon” and roping off the “landing site” with a bunch of yellow tape.

If anyone spots the ruse, we’ll just have Buzz Aldrin punch them in the face.

Poop on the moon, and how to protect it [Boing Boing]


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