Chopped carrots give you cancer

Pax Arcana

carrotsAs you are aware by now, I am considered one of the foremost scientific minds on the planet. My grasp of disciplines from zoology to pharmacology to pharmacozoology has bedazzled my collegues in the Grand Council of the Great and Serious Men of Science for decades.

That said, I admit I was surprised to learn the following from the Independent:

Researchers at the University of Newcastle found that “boiled-before-cut” carrots contained 25 per cent more of the anti-cancer compound falcarinol than those that were chopped up first.

In other words, chopped carrots give you cancer.

I suppose this is not terribly surprising. We’ve been abusing carrots for years by feeding them to wise-cracking cartoon scofflaws and shoving them in the asses of talking horses. It’s only natural that they would start evolving defense mechanisms against us. That’s just pure science. Obvious to people of my abilities.

Carrots cooked whole ‘better at fighting cancer’ [Independent]




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3 responses to “Chopped carrots give you cancer

  1. Who boils carrots anyway? Gross.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Anyone with an infant boils carrots. And yes, it’s gross.

  3. The article was from a British paper. Those people boil everything.

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