Our most popular post

Father Scott

Because of our paucity of posting of late, Paxites have been forced to comb through the archives. The most popular story of each of the last few days, by far?

This one.

Good choice, readers. It’s my favorite of Pax’s titles, but I imagine it has something more to do with Shark Week than Senor Arcana’s journalistic skillz. So let’s give Discovery Channel a free plug. There’s no way we would have reached double-digit readership without them.



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2 responses to “Our most popular post

  1. hey i hate sharks my name is dima and i hate sharks in america let the allll die they killed my granma when she was swiming you know this???let them ded tonight or else something bad will happen ok you understand me>??please and thankyou

  2. Ladies and gentlemen…dima! Nice work, dima.

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