The most 80s-ist thing ever

Pax Arcana

spudsPeople like to make fun of the 1980s because they were — and this is not up for debate — the lamest time in the history of American culture. Honest to God there were two or three years there where Spuds Mackenzie could have been elected to Congress.

As a child of that era, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that it wasn’t my fucking fault. Yes, I wore Jams and got my haircut like McGyver and bought a Glass Tiger album. But what the fuck did you expect from an entire generation that grew up with shit like this pushed in our face all the time?

Seriously, every time I see some 23-year-old wearing cheap-ass retro 1980s sunglasses, I want to curb stomp his ass. The 80s were like the bubonic plague only worse.

Videogum’s Teen Korner: Learn How 2 Be Cool With Malcolm Jamal Warner [VideoGum]


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