Spanking your children makes them even dumber

Researchers in New Hampshire have determined that children who are spanked more have lower IQs. This can mean only one thing — children are born with their brains in their asses.

“I promise this hurts me more than it hurts you. Actually, no it doesn’t.”

Or I guess it could mean that spanking kids causes psychological damage that hampers intelligence. Or it could mean that your kid really is an idiot and probably deserved to get his ass-brains slapped. I’ll give you one guess what the researchers think:

If spanking does send IQ scores down, Straus and others offer some explanations for what might be going on.

“Contrary to what everyone believes, being hit by parents is a traumatic experience,” Straus said. “We know from lots of research that traumatic stresses affect the brain adversely.” Also, the trauma could cause kids to have more stressful responses in difficult situations, and so may not perform as well cognitively.

By using hitting rather than words or other means of discipline, parents could be depriving kids of learning opportunities. “With spanking, a parent is delivering a punishment to get the child’s attention and to get them to behave in a certain way,” said Elizabeth Gershoff who studies childhood development at the University of Texas, Austin. “It’s not fostering children’s independent thinking.”

I’m not normally one to tell others how to raise their children, but this research has convinced that spanking should remain where God intended it — in the bedroom. IT’S ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND ADAM JR.!

Children Who Get Spanked Have Lower IQs [Live Science]


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