Friday Random 10: You can’t overestimate Gerry Callahan

Father Scott

On my delicious nine-minute commute this morning, I got to hear the dulcet tones of Gerry Callahan say the following on EEI (paraphrased):

“You can’t overestimate the importance of the return of Brett Favre to Green Bay.”

Oh, Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. I’m afraid you don’t know me well. Watch how I overestimate this:

I say the return of Brett Favre to Lambeau Field is 12 times more significant than the invention of the cotton gin. Lewis and Clark trekking west? Bitches. Genocide in Africa? I wouldn’t bother myself with such trifles when I can spend my mental energy on imagining what the 650 lb. McCarthy couple thinks about some old guy throwing around a leather ball for three hours.

Am I being petty? Of course. But this is one annoying verbal tick that needs to go away. I don’t just mean in sports. News, politics, finance, whatever. Just say it’s interesting, or this means more to Wisconsinites than the local grocery stores’ buy 12 wheels of cheese get one half-off sale (OK, that’s also and overestimation.) You can always overestimate stuff and always sound stupid.

Like, for instance, you’re at a conference for work but have a tickle in your throat so you stay in your hotel room the whole time, but then stay up late tweeting about the World Series. In that case, you’re probably overestimating the effect of your sickness. Either that or you’re just a disgrace to your Viking ancestry.

UPDATE: Related: Via @Adam_Schefter on Twitter: True Factoid: What was “Minnesota Avenue” in Green Bay was officially renamed this week “Aaron Rodgers Drive.” That’s pretty awesome.

The songs:

I And Love And You, The Avett Bros.
Gimme a Sign, Ryan Adams
Pennyroyal Tea, Nirvana
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
A Fond Farewell, Elliott Smith
Faithfull, Pearl Jam
Made You Look, Nas
Gone Gone — NYC, Conor Oberst
Sunlight, Harlem Shakes
Play Your Part (pt. 1), Girl Talk

Bonus video:


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6 responses to “Friday Random 10: You can’t overestimate Gerry Callahan

  1. Perry Ellis

    Let’s be honest. The tickle in the throat was just a convenient excuse to use his new rectal thermometer.

    No Woman No Cry, Bob Marley
    Auf Achse, Franz Ferdinand
    Tu Voz, Celia Cruz
    Going to Bocas, Walter Ferguson
    All Apologies, Nirvana
    No Feelings, Sex Pistols
    Luminol, Ryan Adams
    Anna Begins, Counting Crows
    Next Time That You Leave, Bob Mould
    Instant Karma!, John Lennon

  2. 1. I Can’t Even Lift My Head – Sufjan Stevens
    2. Don’t Play That Song – Aretha Franklin
    3. Golden Bird – Levon Helm
    4. A Story of Boy Meets Girl – Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen (wtf?)
    5. Look at Me – John Lennon
    6. Heads Up – Karen O and the Kids
    7. Oh Missy – Woolfy
    8. Every Breath You Take – The Police
    9. Parade – Delta Spirit
    10. Whats Going on – Marvin Gaye

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Jaelynne

    Your Heart is an Empty Room – Death Cab for Cutie
    Mayonaise – Smashing Pumpkins
    Beautiful – Sevendust
    Butterflies and Hurricanes – Muse
    Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World
    Bouncing off the Walls – Sugarcult
    Time to Waste – Alkaline Trio
    She’s Gone – Steelheart
    Until it Sleeps – Metallica
    Die Young – Black Sabbath

  4. I’m just going to say it: I hate Bob Marley.

  5. The best thing about being Typhoid Mary in a hotel room in Vegas is that the world series comes on at 5. The worst thing? Tim McCarver comes on at 5.

    It’s also fun to have the CEO o your company send a gallon of cranberry juice to your room. My temperature has been over 100 for four straight days but my yeast infection has been completely eradicated.

    Nice post, by the way. You’re pretty good at this when you’re not too busy managing your World of Warcraft football team. Oh no! Adrian Peterson is taking serious damage points!!

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