Friday Random 10: Hair-pulling edition

I was going to use this space to make some hay about New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert’s pageant of moloko and ultraviolence that was featured on Sportscenter last night. But I don’t have much to say beyond “SHIT!” and “YIKES!” and “OUCH!”


Turns out Lambert has been suspended indefinitely for her offenses, which — if you haven’t seen the video — include but are not limited to: punching, karate chopping, hair pulling, tripping, flailing, flaying, impalement, and the occasional forearm shiver. The thing is she was not penalized for any of these things during the game — though she did draw a yellow card for arguing.

All in all I say an indefinite suspension is a bit excessive. I say that because this chick scares the piss out of me, and I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass. Aside from that I’m all man, baby.

The songs:

Not Alone — Dub Trio
Different Names for the Same Thing — Death Cab for Cutie
No Karma — Jaydiohead
Dance Hall — Modest Mouse
Reoccurring Dreams — Husker Du
Werewolf — Cat Power
I’ll Decorate My Love — Jay Bennett
Too Drunk To Dream — Magnetic Fields
I Lost You — The Walkmen
In Cairo — Hot Hot Heat

Bonus Video:

January Wedding — The Avett Brothers (Because that show at the House of Blues was awesome)

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.


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