Ladies, start your engines

I hate to generalize based on decades, but I think it’s safe to say that the men of the 1980s were the sexiest men there ever were.

Careful, watching this video more than once can lead to pregnancy.



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6 responses to “Ladies, start your engines

  1. The sad thing about that phone message is that there are literally thousands of girls out there who would fall for a douchebag like that. Maybe not based on that message, but definitely at a bar.

  2. Perry Ellis

    Pax Arcana: Not your typical research mathematician.

  3. That’s right baby. I put things in practice.

  4. Esquire

    That footage is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  5. I encourage you to represent those sexy men in their quest for recompense. Or remuneration. Or whatever you lawyer types are calling “cash” these days.

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