Friend of Pax Arcana publishes book, world rejoices

Father Scott

OK, “friend of Pax Arcana” is strong. I’m not sure Mitch Cote-Crosskill is even aware of us, even though we have linked to his ill-updated but amusing music blog Mitchfork in the past. Plus, Mitch has never met the actual Pax, just one of his yeomen (me).

Anyway, Mitch has published a novel called The Valedictorians, which he wrote in his first few years after graduating from our fine alma mater, the majestic Bates College.

I’ll let his Amazon product description tell the story:

The torch bearers of tomorrow are stumbling through the darkness. “The Valedictorians” is an unflinching look at a jaded generation desperately seeking direction. It tells the tale of Sam and Pete, two recently graduated best friends who exit college to enter the “real world” of 21st century America. A harsh adjustment ensues and, as they struggle to cope with crippling doubt and alienation, much about themselves and modern living is illuminated. The survival of each will hinge on how they adapt to the new challenges they face.

I haven’t read the final draft, but I did read his first draft and enjoyed the tale. Mitch is not a professional writer (this book is self-published through Mill City Press, for full disclosure), but he has a knack for writing an enjoyable story with relatable characters.

For those of you with connections to the northeast liberal arts college experience, you’ll recognize this story, particularly if you were friends with folks who truly blossomed in college and then struggled with the “real world” afterward. The emotions that the characters deal with — however, in the big scheme of things, trivial they might be — are real, and speak to the unrest that even the most educated folks feel.

The Valedictorians is available on Amazon (release date says January 1, 2010), or in person from the author himself, who is based in the Boston area. He’s even having a book signing party, which will consist of our college friends drinking slightly better beer than we drank in college, later this month.

I encourage you all to buy a copy. Hell, buy five. You’ve got Christmas presents to buy, after all. Grandma would love this book, especially the part where the main character nails his boss.


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