Where the hell have you been?

Please allow me to apologize with as much sincerity as I can possibly muster for my extended absence from this space. The Krampus season was full of mirth, date cookies, and highway miles, and has disrupted my normal routines in several ways.

For example, I have been doing things other than holing up in my fortified estate typing on this blog. For one thing, I saw a movie about a white marine who sexes up blue aliens. It was called Dances with Space Wolves. I also saw another movie, about a white business guy who sexes up a white business lady and flies a lot. It was called Airplane Road Trip. It may be the best movie I’ve seen in years (note: I have not seen many movies in the past few years).

However, I have spent most of the time I would usually devote to combing the Internets for lulz and giggs worthy of my loyal followers in the pursuit of reading words that some crazy fool has stamped onto paper rectangles and glued together. My grandpa calls these things “books,” and this one in particular is riveting:

I hope to be back to my regular schedule of useless typing soon. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and hope they turn Wolf Hall into an HBO mini-series or something. I only have the one copy, so it will take forever to pass it around to all of you…


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3 responses to “Where the hell have you been?

  1. Esquire

    Did Krampus leave you switches and coal in your stocking this year?

  2. Where the hell have you been?

  3. Hi, Pax. Just bumped into your blog after getting sucked in (once again) to the black hole where time disappears (i.e., the internet). It’s a typical time-suck story of listening and enjoying a Rick Steves’ podcast on my walk, googling that podcast and finding the Salon.com profile, skimming that and then reading your post about him (all before visiting the sites mentioned on the podcast that started). Meanwhile, time’s a ticking and I am not getting any richer. Just wanted to compliment you on your “useless typing.” Following you on Twitter now. I’m @goodnewsmuse. Happy sails from Gold Boat Journeys: Live. Write. Travel. Explore.

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