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Gregg Easterbrook also sucks at science

Pax Arcana We’ve done our fair share of bashing Gregg Easterbrook on this site (he was even named our 2007 Douchebag of the Year), but we’ve gone easy on him lately. I’ve always given him a partial pass since he’s … Continue reading

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Back to our regularly scheduled Easterbrook bashing

Pax Arcana I have been more successful than others at avoiding Gregg Easterbrook’s nonsensical logorrhea of late, but this one’s too bad to pass up. In his most recent swirling, factless attack on the NFL’s perfectly appropriate decision to destroy … Continue reading


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Easterbrook hears rumor, writes trend story

Maybe it’s something in the water down there in Bristol, Conn. You’d think they’d rein in Chris Mortensen’s erroneous reportage and the sloppy “work” of Tuesday Morning Quarterback and All-Time Leading Dumbass Bloviator Gregg Easterbrook, both well documented around here. … Continue reading


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Gregg Easterbrook, fatuous moralizer

Gregg Easterbrook sunk to a new low this week with a scurrilous diatribe on the Patriots, equating the hometown eleven with evil and ascribing the forces of good to the Colts: “Argument for the New England Patriots as scoundrels in … Continue reading


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Easterbrook’s ego barely fits behind the woodshed

Pax Arcana is not a sports blog (Want a good one? Check out Perk is a Beast), but we have found ourselves occasionally chronicling the many offenses of some of ESPN’s most inept writers. Today one of the worldwide leader’s … Continue reading


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G*dd*mmit I’m sick of Easterbrook

ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook, also known as Tuesday Morning Quarterback and around these parts as That F*cking Moron, is back this week with another ridiculous item on Videogate. This man is a moron This time, instead of calling for Patriots head … Continue reading


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Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no no. Oh dear God no.

Last week I thought long and hard about writing a post on our former arch-nemesis Gregg Easterbrook — whom we have lambasted in this space for everything from self-righteous moralizing to being bad at science. I’ve continued to read Easterbrook’s … Continue reading


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Return to form

Pax Arcana Apologies for the scarcity of content on the site this morning. Pax Manor is quite busy at the holidays, and Santa’s going to have my nuts in a sling if I don’t finish these… Oops. I’ve said too … Continue reading


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Oh dear god, here we go again

Pax Arcana Ah, autumn. The leaves crunching underfoot. The blazing kaleidescope of color. The annual Pax Arcana Apple and Fondue Festival. Honestly, is there a better time of year than… Oh no. Not again. Hi guys. Gregg Easterbrook here. Just, … Continue reading


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It’s one year later and what did we learn?

Pax Arcana My Hungarian manservant just lugged a dusty volume up the library stairs to my haunt in the belfry of the Pax Arcanium and informed me that we’d forgotten that August 4, 2008 was the one-year anniversary of this … Continue reading

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