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It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever

In February, the AdRants blog openly wondered if the below Dolce & Gabbana advertisement promoted gang rape.

Isn’t this more of an advertisement for baby oil than anything else?

From AdRants:

One could argue the ad certainly paints a questionable picture and perpetuates an activity that certainly does not need perpetuating. Others might argue the ad, and many other fashion ads, is so over-the-top cartoonish in its desire to be “edgy,” that it’s a harmless toss off passed over as one glosses through the fake world of fashion magazines.

Yesterday, Media Circus included that ad among its list of the most sexist ads ever run. Some are new, some are old, all seem tone-deaf and stupid to modern eyes. Pics after the hump — I mean jump.

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Before you know it, they’ll be putting computers in cars

Car blogger Alex Nunez got the rare opportunity to drive a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom around for a few days, which he writes about at the Autoblog.

It’s a rental

So what do you get for $400,000?

The answer is an exquisitely plush, hand-crafted, and ergonomically perfect interior, complete with Elm trim, soft leather, lamb’s wool shag upholstery on the floor, snack trays that turn into LCD screens, and two standard Rolls Royce umbrellas.

But wait. There’s more.

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I got nothin’

Not much to enthrall today, so how about you head here and check out the worst album covers of all time.

My favorites are the immortal Zip Zap Rap:


And Joyce:


Link [Worst album covers ever]

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Nike develops shoes for Native Americans

The U.K. Guardian says Nike has designed shoes specifically for Native Americans, who on average have wider and taller feet than most people.

Meanwhile, the Scandinavian community is still waiting for someone to give us square hats.

indians.JPGIt’s actually a pretty nice move by Nike, which is creating the shoes in part to help alleviate widespread problems with diabetes and obesity within the Native American community. They’ll be offering the shoes directly to Native American tribes and wellness groups that work with them, typically at a very low cost:

Jerry Bread, outreach coordinator for the Native American Studies program at University of Oklahoma, said the idea was “fantastic” and addressed a core issue for tribes, though he was skeptical that the feet of people from so many tribes could be so similar.

“It’s an excellent gesture and I know it will get a lot of support from tribal people,” Bread said. “We stand to profit from it in our physical health and well being.”

That’s all well and good, but I’m pretty sure Native Americans will be skeptical, based on that whole “smallpox blankets” thing. That kind of sucked.

Nike Designs Shoe for American Indians [Guardian]


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I’m international, baby!

Perry Ellis is proud to announce that I’ve gone global. Apparently, I’ll be presenting at the Piper Jaffray / Integrated Corporate Relations 2nd Annual London Consumer Conference, at the Great Eastern Hotel in London, next week.

Be there or be square! And dress warmly. I look cold, don’t I?

– Perry Ellis

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New way for crazies to prove they’re crazy: The Liberty Dollar

tinfoilhatwearer.jpgFrom the people who brought you Stacks of Photocopied Rantings in a Manilla Envelope and I Believe Every Publication That Was Handed to Me on the Bus comes a brand-new outlet for lunacy: fake U.S. currency.

The Liberty Dollar is the brainchild of Bernard von NotHaus, who bills himself as the founder of the “Royal Hawaiian Mint,” which, best as I can tell, produced replica money from the Hawaiian Kingdom of the 1800s.

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The beer baron: More cans!

The Baron’s upstanding upstairs neighbor The Arts Fuse had a post recently on a subject near and dear to the Baron’s heart: cans!

As you may know, the Beer Baron loves canned beer for a variety of reasons, but laments the dearth of quality offerings. Heineken cans have become a default staple of the Baron household, simply because they’re often the best canned brew to be found.

But hark! There’s hope!

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