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White people walk like this. Black people walk like this

earlAs a white male, I suffer a lot of indignities in my daily life. For one thing, banks and mortgage companies and auto dealerships have for years pestered me with offers of low interest loans and other enticements. I am also plagued by incredible social pressure to keep my lawn immaculate and my khakis well-pressed. Because I’m also tall, my coworkers and employers always assume I possess abilities like leadership and common sense — often moving me up the ladder into positions I am not really qualified for.


But according to Slate, it appears black people may have legitimate gripes as well. This slideshow demonstrates how, in the 1970’s, advertisers first started adding targeted groups to their general market campaigns. The idea was to create advertising collateral that complimented the general campaign, but spoke to black people in a way they would understand.

Or, more specifically, the way a bunch of white advertising executives thought black people would understand, a practice known as “puttin’ hot sauce on it.” This practice, pioneered by “vice” advertisers, became so dominant that soon black neighborhoods were covered in jive-talking ads for everything that’s bad for you:

A recent study uncovered a 1973 document that showed that “Kools made a specific effort to market on buses and subways, since blacks disproportionately rely on public transit in most major cities, in hopes that Kool would ‘cover the top 25 markets in terms of absolute Negroes.’ “

Meanwhile, the inside of every Volvo is rife with ads for mayonnaise and asparagus. And every fourth McDonald’s commercial features a sassy-talkin’ black lady. Won’t we ever come together as one?

Have Mercy! [Slate]

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Breaking: Black people are not the bi-product of cursed Ham

Pax Arcana is a committed Pastafarian, but we are officially tolerant of all religions and beliefs. In fact, we like to praise — and repeat — the teachings of other religions when appropriate.

Like today, whereupon we come across what must be the high point of Christian philosophy (and just in time for the holidays!). This article goes a long way to achieving global racial harmony by addressing a central concern in many parts of the Christian world:

Are black people the result of a curse on Ham?

The answer, you will be happy to learn, is an emphatic “No”:

The belief that the skin color of black people is a result of a curse on Ham and his descendants is nowhere taught in the Bible.

Furthermore, it was not Ham who was cursed, but his son, Canaan (Genesis 9:18, 25, 10:6). Furthermore, Canaan’s descendants were probably mid-brown skinned (Genesis 10:15-19), not black.

False teaching about Ham has been used to justify slavery and other non-biblical racist practices. 

W.E.B. DuBois: Not descended from smited lunchmeat

So black people are decidedly not the result of a curse on Ham. Unfortunately for the Uzbeks, it is true that they were created by God to be zombie food upon the advance of the mighty zombie army. Sorry, Uzbeks.

Are black people the result of a curse on Ham? [ChristianAnswers.net]


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