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Mirko Geffken should prepare for the shitstorm

Pax Arcana

While most of those displeased with the results of Tuesday night’s election merely vented on their Facebook statuses (statii?), one local businessman took things a giant douchey step beyond that.

According to Jeff Cutler (via Universal Hub), Mirko Geffken is the owner of Aspiant, a retardedly named consulting company based in Cambridge, MA. Just minutes after the major networks announced Obama’s victory in the presidential race Tuesday night, Geffken fired off an email to all employees saying that the company would be revoking its contributions to their healthcare plans.

Mirko Geffken, aka Scrooge McFuck

And, for reasons that defy comprehension, travel reimbursements are being revoked as well.

Here’s how Geffken explained the move to his employees:

I regret having to move in this direction, but this is the partially the cost of doing business in the state of Massachusetts and the impact that future policies will have on this organization.

I can only hope that future elections will provide a more positive environment for business or further measures will have to be taken.

Further measures should be forefront on Geffken’s brain, I would think, as this maneuver has all the markings of a bad PR shitstorm hurricane tornado. Bostonist has already declared him the “douche of the week,” and I suspect it won’t belong before this story ends up on Digg and Fark and Reddit and all kinds of other sites that nerds (like those Geffken would want to hire one day for his IT consultancy) like to read.

I’ll refrain from piling on, since Geffken will undoubtedly hear it from all corners (Cutler posted his office telephone number) — but I would advise Mirko Geffken to get his toilet paper umbrella ready, ’cause here it comes…

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Pax self-congratulata (Hello, Boston.com readers!)

Pax Arcana

We’ve always been proud of our content at Pax Arcana. We write goofy blog posts about science, baseball, DIII women’s hoops, music, and videos of people getting socked in the nugget pouch — not for attention or (Lord knows) money. We do it to make our friends giggle.

So imagine my surprise to see the below on the front page of Boston.com, a Web site we read every day, but to which we haven’t always been kind, to say the least. Turns out our Ricky Gervais rambling from earlier today bounced all around the intertubes and found purchase on the front page of Boston.com.

(Click to enlarge)

Anyway, it’s neat that big leaguers like Bostonist, Universal Hub, and Boston.com have taken a shine to Pax Arcana. We appreciate the extra hits.

If you have enjoyed your time on Pax Arcana, remember this: It’s almost baseball season, and that’s when we really heat up.

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