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Barkley on politics

Father Scott

It’s easy to assume that celebrities who pursue political careers are unsubstantial and just looking to maintain their fame. I always figured the same about Charles Barkley, who for years has talked about running for governor of Alabama.

But in today’s interview with Ball Don’t Lie, he breaks down politics in a way I really appreciate:

BDL: Do you already have a campaign slogan picked out?

Barkley: That’s what I’m talking about, I don’t give a [crap] about [most of the issues besides the ones discussed]. If gay people want to get married, God bless them. I’m pro-choice; I’m not going to talk about that. We’re going to have great schools. We’re gonna make sure everybody have economic opportunity, and we’re going to make sure, you’re safe in the neighborhood. Now, if you get your education, you’ve got a chance to get a good job. I can’t do any more for you than that, what more do you want? Politicians want you walking over [stuff] that’s not important and insignificant so they can divide and conquer. Like, if a politician looked me in the face and said, I’m going to give you these three things, hey, that should be heaven.

Simplistic, sure, but pretty elemental. Whether you like him or not, Chuck’s always a good read, go see what he has to say.


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