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I was planning to give you all some Friday morning filler to chew on whilst I prepare my application materials to be President Obama’s new Secretary of the Internet, but now I’m just too sad.

That’s because Fire Joe Morgan, probably the sharpest and best-written sports blog in the universe, has decided to fold. The three offer no specifics, but basically say the blog was taking up too much of their time:

Although we have not lost our borderline-sociopathic joy for meticulously criticizing bad sports journalism, the realities of our professional and personal lives make FJM a time/work luxury we can no longer afford.

Ordinarily I would say something snarky and funny about the tremendous amount work it must take to post like once every three weeks, but the truth is that every FJM post was worth the wait. And one of the site’s writers, Ken Tremendous, plays Mose Schrute on The Office, so we’re in no position to deride.

Anyway, I will be sure to pour out a 40 oz tonight in memoriam. And hope it lands on Joe Morgan’s head.

Post #1377: The Relatively Short Goodbye [Fire Joe Morgan]



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More on Murray Chass

Pax Arcana

From the profane and contemptible know-it-alls at Fire Joe Morgan:

The most glaring error in logic-slash-sanity, though, occurs two-thirds of the way through:

One way would be to reward [with home field advantage] the team with the better won-lost record. But that idea wouldn’t work logistically. Baseball can’t wait until days or even a week before the World Series is scheduled to start to determine where Series game will be played. Airlines and hotels don’t work that way.

Unless all of professional baseball is actually one long kabuki play, I’m pretty sure that at no point in history has anyone known where the World Series will be played until the winners of the two leagues have been determined (in modern times, that means waiting until the League Championship Series are finished). As reader Rob points out, last year “the host of World Series game one wasn’t known until 11:33 PM on October 21st when the Red Sox finished off the Indians. Game one of the World Series was played on October 24th.”

Man. It’s almost like Murray’s been working out of his mother’s basement again.

About That Murray Chass Blog [Fire Joe Morgan]

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Best. Call. Ever.

Pax Arcana

Please, please, please, if you love baseball and loathe puffed-up jackass announcers, please follow this link and bear witness to the greatest terrible announcing job in the history of Major League Baseball. Seriously, go do it. I can’t embed it because it’s not on YouTube.

Update: If you can’t play the video at that link, try this one.

XXX [Fire Joe Morgan]


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