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Pax Valentino: Flaming Heart

Pax Arcana

compass_box_flamingheart.jpgThe cuddly and sanguine Mrs. Pax Arcana knows the way to her man’s heart is through his blood stream. While she had to settle for 20 white tulips and another small gift — which DHL has not seen fit to deliver yet — I was rewarded this Valentine’s Day with a bottle of Compass Box Flaming Heart scotch.

I’ve written about the unique Compass Box distillery before. I have bottles of the now-discontinued Eleuthera and high-minded Asyla in the liquor cabinet (next to a bottle of Glen Moray that seems embarrassed in the presence of such glory).

This is actually the second iteration of Flaming Heart — which derives its name from an M. Ward song. The first batch was only sold in the European market, and was such a hit that Compass Box brought it back for another go. I only tried a small taste sample last night, but I’ve already sent Flaming Heart straight to the top quadrant of the official Pax Arcana scotch pyramid. There it shares space in the pantheon with Highland Park and The Macallan 12.

We’re not good at writing scotch descriptions 12 hours after our last taste, so instead I’ll reprint what the editor-in-chief of Malt Advocate had to say about it:

Balanced Islay whiskies combine peat smoke characteristics with a sweet foundation. They’re not one-dimensionally smoky. This whisky is an excellent example. This is a peat-laden whisky with refinement and grace. Creamy vanilla, caramel, and honey harmoniously marry with persistent—yet controlled—peat smoke. Crisp spice notes and dancing fruit throughout add complexity. Well done.

Well done, indeed.


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