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Monday health tip: Watch for flying pig brain spray

The AP reports that a bunch of workers at a Minnesota slaughterhouse may have contracted chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, or CIDP, from their jobs as pig de-brainers.

Braaaaaaaains! Brains! Salad optional. BRAAAAAAAAAINS!!

CIDP is, in medical terms, some seriously fucked up shit. According to the AP, the disease “attacks the nerves and produces tingling, numbness and weakness in the arms and legs, sometimes causing lasting damage.”

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say they believe the disease was caused because of the particular method of de-braining employed at the factory. Here’s what that process entails:

In a rapid-fire process that is noisy, smelly and bloody, severed pigs’ heads are cut up at the head table at a rate of more than 1,100 an hour. Workers slice off the cheek and snout meat, then insert a nozzle in the head and blast air inside until the light pink mush that is the brain tissue squirts out from the base of the skull.

Sounds like Christmas morning at Pax Domicilus. For good measure, here’s a meat industry flack covering the collective ass of producers everywhere by feigning sympathy before mounting the customary multi-million dollar legal defense drive to paint the sick workers as scumbag opportunists:

American Meat Institute spokeswoman Janet Riley said: “We are watching the situation very closely and we’ve offered any help that the state health department would need. But certainly if facts came to light that justified the change in practices, you could imagine protecting the workers is critical.”

Minn. Slaughterhouse Workers Fall Ill [AP]


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