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Mind reading robot doesn’t know what to think

Pax Arcana

A few years ago, Honda introduced a small humanoid robot called Asimo that could do things like walk, wave, and savagely attack people by falling down the stairs at them.

The latest addition to the Asimo family is even more dangerous.

According to the Guardian (UK), the latest Asimo can read your mind — literally:

To control the robot, the person wearing the helmet only had to think about making the movement. Its inventors hope that one day the mind-control technology will allow people to do things like turn air conditioning on or off and open their car boot without putting their shopping down.

The helmet is the first “brain-machine interface” to combine two different techniques for picking up activity in the brain. Sensors in the helmet detect electrical signals through the scalp in the same way as a standard EEG (electroencephalogram). The scientists combined this with another technique called near-infrared spectroscopy, which can be used to monitor changes in blood flow in the brain.


Naturally, scientists are pushing the “we-help-disabled-people” angle in order to hide their real agenda — to mass produce an army of mind reading robots that will enslave us under their cold, brushed-metal thumbs.

But fear not, Paxites. My team of computational behavior theorists is well on its way to devising appropriate defensive maneuvers should you be attacked by a mind reading robot. Idea #1 — Force yourself to think about all the delicious motor oil stacked behind the robot. Then, when it turns around, you push it down the fucking stairs.

Honda unveils helmet that lets wearer control a robot by thought alone [Guardian]


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