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How do you spell “big fat corporate sellout”?

Father Scott


According to The Sporting News (ht: TrueHoop), that reported game of H-O-R-S-E that the NBA has lined up during All-Star Weekend will actually be a traditional game of G-E-I-C-O, thanks to some gecko’s sponsorship.

Maybe FA is right about capitalism. This is depressing.

I guess we should be happy, though — given the way corporate sponsorship goes, we probably should have expected a rousing competition of S-H-O-T-F-O-R-S-H-O-T-S-H-O-O-T-O-U-T-B-R-O-U-G-H-T-T-O-Y-O-U-B-Y-R-E-M-I-N-G-T-O-N-A-N-D-J-I-M-B-E-A-M.


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Boston is a Brotherhood

Pax Arcana

OK, so it’s an Adidas commercial. But its KG at his best — possibly under heavy sedation — preaching the truth about team sports and the virtue of the brotherhood.

Oh, and by the way, Perk is a Beast.


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The Dragonslayerzzz, King James, and Mo Ager

Father Scott

The NBA season kicks off tonight, and I’m pumped. Not just because of the debut of the Dragonslayerzzz (though it helps).

I’m a weird NBA fan — while with baseball I’m a Red Sox fan and not much else, with the NBA I like tons of different players and teams. I’m a Celts fan, but I’m not rabid about it. I’m probably more excited about the Nets this year — dumping all their bad contracts save Vinsanity, adding Mo Ager, Yi Jianlian, and Keyon Dooling, it really seems like I’m running the team — than anything. I love Dirk Nowitzki. I love the Mavs alternate green unis. I love the idea of Phoenix staying relevant after ditching the fast-paced offense that everyone unreasonably loves. I love that Golden State will fall on its face. I love that I’m going to see Greg Oden do something I’ve never seen tonight, and many more times over every time I watch the Blazers.

I also love John Tesh.

Things I hate: the Wizards (especially when they rip a team that summarily owns them every year), the overconfidence in Philly (48.5 win over/under? Really?), the fact that I can’t enjoy “boring” good teams like Detroit and San Antonio even though they play the way the game is supposed to be played, and that Jason Kidd singlehandedly made my favorite Western conference team no fun to cheer for.

A few predictions for the year: A major breakout for Nets PG Devin Harris, the Nuggets end up trading Melo during the next offseason, the Mavs will outperform expectations, the Sixers and Hornets come back to Earth a bit, the Suns win at least one playoff series, and the Lakers will have significant problems working together.

And we will finally coronate the King: LeBron and the Cavs over the Spurs in the Finals.

Anyway, while you’re enjoying the season, be sure to check in on Hardwood Paroxysm (I swear I had been planning on posting that Tesh clip before I saw it there, but HT anyway), FreeDarko, the awesome Basketball Jones podcast, my various fantasy links, and of course, Perkisabeast.

Enjoy the season and especially this guy:


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The New Icon for the Celtics…

Fallen Angel

…is called Big Baby. Move over Red and Cigar. This image needs to be known as the emblem of the Boston Celtics from now until infinity. Or at least the cover of the 2008-2009 media guide.

Big Baby

Where’s your ring at Tyrus?


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Bill Plaschke is sensitive

Pax Arcana

Bill Plaschke is ostensibly a sportswriter for the L.A. Times, but really he’s a ceaseless campaigner for TV time on those ESPN wind-tunnel laboratories like Around the Horn. I would give him credit for coming across as smarter than Jay Mariotti, but that’s akin to giving credit to someone for not eating his own feces.

Anyway, last week Plaschke wrote a column for the Times in which he asserted that Paul Pierce was faking the knee injury he suffered in Game 1 of the NBA finals. I think Plaschke’s assertion was callous, juvenile, and insensitive. The well-meaning lads at Perk is a Beast think Plaschke is a “fat, pathetic, miserable, would be metro-sexual d-bag” with a “simian brow and matching intellect.”

Now Plaschke is complaining that he got even worse treatment than that in his email inbox. One Celtic fan wished Plaschke would shuffle off to the great sportswriter’s buffet in the sky:

“I hope you . . . get cancer and die,” he wrote. “Why don’t you just die or quit, you ugly fat (bleep). I’m going to find out where (a relative) is buried and me and my buddies are gonna dig (the) skeleton up.”

Then — just one day after questioning the integrity of a man who collapsed in a heap of pain after hearing a popping sound from his knee — Plaschke calls upon the Gods of decency to save him from the barbarians at the gates of his email inbox. After contacting the sender of the email — and not receiving an apology — Plaschke sums up the episode thusly:

In an age when an e-mail has no conscience and anonymity knows no fear, that passion can quickly get personal.

I’m sorry, but was there an age when e-mail had a conscience and anonymity was scared of stuff? Was there a bygone era when passion kept to itself and refused to get personal? When sportswriters of yore wore powdered wigs and were permitted to publish all sorts of jackassery without fear of being called on it and, yes, being subjected to hyperbolic vitriol from those who disagree?

Then it’s settled. We shall build a time machine post-haste and return to that age. In the meantime, Bill Plaschke can return to his normal schedule of saying stupid stuff and whining when people get mad about it.

Nasty attacks should be banned in Boston [LAT]
If Shit Were Electricity, Plaschke Would be a Powerhouse [Perk is a Beast]


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The Globe almost has this Web thing figured out…

Pax Arcana

Here is what famed Boston sports yahoo and pop culture enthusiast Bill Simmons has to say about the L.A. – Boston basketball rivalry in the most recent edition of ESPN the Magazine:

Boston beat L.A. for the title eight straight times before falling in 1985. If that’s a long-standing rivalry, so is Tom vs. Jerry, Andy vs. The Sistas and hammer vs. nail. Isn’t it more of a “recent rivalry that was once a relentless butt-whupping”?

Here’s what Globe columnist Bob Ryan has to say that about that on his blog at Boston.com:

There is a younger writer of great renown who loves the Boston Celtics, which is fine. He commands an enormous national audience, who have come to regard him as The Authority on all things Celtic. And he has an exhaustive knowledge of the current team. No problem there.

I’d tend to forgive him on the basis of him not being there, but that would mean that history requires that you had to be there. I wasn’t present for the Gettysburg Address or the Bobby Thomson home run, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a good idea of what it must have been like to be there. That’s what being an historian entails. You do your homework.

And if this pundit had done his due diligence on the Celtics and Lakers of the ’60s he would known that it was very much a rivalry. The Celtics might have won all six meetings, but it didn’t always feel like it, not with Elgin Baylor and Jerry West around.

I don’t particularly care who wins this argument, as long as it ends soon.

Wait. Was it Gene Simmons Bob Ryan doesn’t like, or Richard Simmons? Who’s this Bill Simmons?

I do care to point out Ryan’s refusal to name the object of his derision or, God forbid, link to the offending article. It seems that Ryan is falling into the trap of playing by print rules on Web turf. I don’t advocate using the Web as a platform for slander or ad hominem attacks on other writers — I’m arguing that where print venues once conferred upon columnists the ability to call down the thunder from on high with thinly veiled insults, the Internet requires greater frankness. If you hadn’t read Simmons’ column already, you may have no idea who Ryan is talking about. Even if you could guess who he was referencing, you’d still have to click multiple times to find it — only to be disappointed that you waded all the way over there for what amounts to a minor schoolyard dust-up.

Just sayin’.

I can be objective about the Lakers. And, objectively speaking, I say they suck [ESPN]
Tinseltown Boys


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Bill Walton thinks the Celtics won the whole thing

Pax Arcana was watching the SportsCenter recap of the Celtics opening night victory over the Washington Gay Republicans when Bill Walton confused us by saying the following:

“It’s been 22 years since the last Celtics championship. The drought is finally over.” 


We think Bill may have been hitting the “mostly Maui Waui but it’s got some Labrador in it” a bit hard over the summer.

Celtics 103, Wizards 83 [Boston Globe]


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