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Reilly resigns, Bates basketball continues to slide

Father Scott

Some of may favorite moments of my athletic observing career (and it is a prodigious one) have come at Alumni Gym at my alma mater, watching Bates’ men’s basketball roll through its most successful period in the College’s history, with coach Joe Reilly at the helm.

With the team tumbling in the last few years and having lost its two best players of the last ten years, Reilly has jumped ship for Wesleyan, closer to home in Connecticut.

“This was a difficult decision, but I believe it’s the best route for my family,” said Reilly, who has led the program since 1997. “Bates has been great to me and is a very special place. I’m blessed to have been involved with so many great student-athletes, parents, alumni and colleagues, and I’m grateful to the College for giving me a great opportunity as a 28-year-old assistant coach with no head coaching experience.”

I’d like to be angry at Coach Reilly (cause that seems to be how we deal with surprising sad news), but I really can’t. I’m sure he got a boatload of money, and he returned home (his wife’s home as well), where he has quite a legacy. His dad is a beloved, hall of fame coach in the state, and Reilly made his bones jacking treys (I mean, working hard and playing defense…) at Trinity.

This is a major loss for Bates, a program which anyone who follows NESCAC basketball (all eight of us) can attest has been sliding for a couple of years. The Bobcats should have been a major contender in the NESCAC, one of the strongest conferences in Division III in 2007 due to the strongest class Bates has ever seen, led by Zak Ray and Rob Stockwell, being seniors. But Bates only won 3 games in the conference and was sub-par outside of conference, and was ousted in the first round of the NESCAC playoffs.

2007-2008 saw Bates firmly entrenched in a rebuilding phase which is sure to continue. Reilly has always been an excellent recruiter and has had great success returning to areas and wooing new players where he got the old ones. Case in point: From the greater Bangor area, Reilly plucked Ray, Chris Wilson, Alex Gallant, and incoming freshman Ryan Weston.

I criticized Reilly a fair amount during his tenure, namely for his offensive system that was built to cater to undersized white gunners who therein put up stats better than they deserved (wonder why…). But he bred a culture of winning, confidence, and hard work. For all their struggles this year, and with woefully less talent, the team overachieved and actually fared better in conference play than in what should have been their banner year. Reilly put Bates men’s basketball on the map (as much as you can be in the NESCAC) and should be proud of his accomplishments.

Now some Padre Linktastica to get you through a tear-filled afternoon:

I. Outkast is looking at a new album in 2009. I hope they plan on Killer Mike, whose verses on “The Whole World” and “Bust” are among my favorite parts of Outkast tunes. [Paste]

II. Our friends at Perkisabeast review their preseason predictions. Yeah, that Rondo guy is pretty good, ain’t he fellas? And if you don’t jump out of your chair watching a clip of his dunk on Maxiell, you have issues. [Perkisabeast]

III. Fire Joe Morgan exposes some questionable thinking behind a piece that states that Brian Sabean is a better GM than Billy Beane. [FireJoeMorgan]

IV. A token list of the 20 acts that peaked with their debut album. Other thoughts? I don’t agree with Kanye or The Strokes on there (was I only person in America who really liked Room on Fire?). Some bastions of mid-90s radio rock definitely belong — Hootie and the Blowfish and Counting Crows certainly never got better (though for a while I pretended Recovering the Satellites was better than August and Everything After). I’m a little surprised Pearl Jam wasn’t on there, I thought most people like Ten the best (it’s No Code for me though). [Stereogum]



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Padre Linktastica: FOTC about to be all up in our grill-piece

Father Scott


I. Flight of the Conchords has album, TV, tour, and other such plans. [Paste]

II. And in a related story, the Red Sox designated Kyle Snyder for assignment to make room for Josh Beckett.

Goodbye, Leggy Blonde

III. 3 Shades of Blue conducted a surprisingly candid interview with Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley. They’re posting it in five parts (around lunch time each day) this week. Keep checking back if you’re interested in seeing how sports teams are run. Hat tip: Hardwood Paroxysm. [3 Shades of Blue]

IV. X’s and O’s discusses whether Memphis should have fouled Kansas instead of allowing Mario Chalmers to launch the game-tying 3 in regulation. An understandable theory, and one that I normally agree with, but Memphis wasn’t hitting any free throws anyway — would it really have been that wise to extend the game and rely on matching free throws? Missed free throws and turnovers = Memphis just didn’t have the stones to pull out the win. The fault is either John Calipari’s or Derrick Rose’s…somebody isn’t leading that team properly. I’m still very suspicious of Derrick Rose as a pro. [X’s and O’s of Basketball]

Derrick Rose’s ceiling? I mean, good, but not no. 1 pick-good.

V. Scientists discover a lungless frog that “breathes” through its skin. Funny, that’s how I drink. [LiveScience]

VI. The Tigers’ woes, good/bad puns, R. Kelly references. [Fire Joe Morgan]

VII. Congrats to the ladies of Marbury v. Madison Ave. for completing a half-marathon. [Marbury v. Madison Ave.]

VIII. Who should carry the Olympic torch? Alright, honestly I don’t care, but last time we had a post that involved the Cloverfield monster, it got a ton of hits. Oh, and of the choices, I vote Alba. Yes she can. [Epic Carnival]


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Tuesday Tubby Tearfest

Father Scott

There’s nowhere to go but up, people.

That’s my approach to this week’s Biggest Loser, coming on the heels of the worst episode of the year. Hopefully it’s just a speed bump on the way to an exciting finale.

Last week saw Danny go home, which is unfortunate only in that the show seems determined to eliminate the more entertaining people each week. Now we’re stuck with two people who have already been eliminated and come back (which seems a little unfair) in Mark and Ali, plus Kelly, Roger, and Jay.

You can eat this shit all you want now, Danny

Forgive me for being negative, but it seems like this week could be another dull one. Is there any way the boys don’t gang up on Ali or Kelly this week and send one packing? It was already remarkable that Danny was sent home, and he only was because he got lazy. That’s not happening with Mark, Roger, and Jay. Hell, Roger can’t afford to be sent home, ’cause he’s no longer gainfully employed (hat tip: Pax).

And since Kelly poses absolutely zero threat as an overall winner (as opposed to Ali’s 0.0001%), she’ll stick around. Ali is the overwhelming favorite to leave this week. It’s probably for the best anyway — her crazy mom Bette Sue needs the company.

Given that no one cares about Ali (she hasn’t been around in months, and she and Kelly only have a forced bond), I forsee little crying this week. I’m going with 6, figuring that most of it will come from Jillian beating the everloving shit out of Ali and Kelly in the workouts.

Peace, homey

Now for some Padre Linktastica, boosted by my introduction to RSS feeds (hat tip of sorts, again, Pax) to jumpstart this overcast Tuesday.


I. Ryan Adams will play a few dates with Oasis. If only I lived in Alberta. [Paste]

II. Ryan Adams shops at Ralph Lauren, then takes a bunch of pictures of himself. I think if someone ever does a blog-related thesis, they’ll have to include Ryan’s just to examine the way he deconstructs how goofy it is. [DRAdamsFilms]

III. My favorite instructional basketball blog covers how not to hedge, and conversely, how you can break down an entire team’s defense in two dribbles (if you’re as quick as Raymond Felton). [The X’s and O’s of Basketball]

IV. One of my favorite basketball commentary blogs kills Internet April Fools jokes. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

V. The disappearance of Darin Erstad’s maddening stickiness predates the War on Terror, motherfuckers![Fire Joe Morgan]

VI. Some archaeologists found a gold necklace on a body dated roughly 4,000 years ago, proving that even in rudimentary cultures, the ladies still love the bling. [LiveScience]

VII. The official baseball transaction blog of Father Scott is running a chat at 3 pm. Tim knows his stuff, and is doing some great stuff with his site after committing himself to it full-time. [MLBTradeRumors]

VIII. Next Tuesday, don’t miss Jillian and Bob live blogging after The Biggest Loser at 10. I mean, really, how can you resist that? [NBC]

Jiskairumoko, what?


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Padre Linktastica: Manny has gas money

Father Scott

Father Scott’s in a pretty good mood today. Maybe it’s the rays of sunshine permeating his office and raisiniffying some grapes for Pax Arcana. Maybe it’s the charming and carefree way in which he led this morning’s weekly meeting. Maybe it’s the optimistic forecast he read about one of his investments. Maybe it’s just leftover smiling from Pax’s gigglefest this morning.

Or maybe it’s this: Our newest dear friends at boston.com have a video of 2008 MLB MVP (so far) Manny Ramirez holding court after today’s Opening Day win over the Oakland A’s. I’d embed the video, but WordPress : embedding :: Bill Plaschke : baseball analysis.

Did I turn the lights off in my car? Wait, did I drive here today? What day is it? 

I’m not sure I can handle a talkative Manny — part of the fun is the enigma he is. Will we have to change the phrase “Manny being Manny” to “Manny being Curt Schilling”? Either way, it’s good to hear that Manny will be able to fill the tank of his Escalade every ten minutes despite the rising gas prices.

In related news (related in that I’m typing it), I’m once again Tuesday Tubby Tearfest-less. I missed most of last week’s episode and am thus not prepared to offer crying or losing predictions. And yet I will: Kelly’s gotta be gone, and I think there will be 11 cries.

Other awesome links:

1. Our newest Blogroll addition whips one up just for Pax. [Stuff White People Like]

2. A to-the-point self-assessment on Adam Duritz’s career. [Paste Magazine]

3. Donyell Marshall blogs about his trade to Seattle and reveals that Kevin Durant may not be too popular with his teammates. [Donyell Marshall, via TrueHoop]

4. An argument that Miguel Cabrera’s new $150M+ contract is a major steal. [Sabernomics, via MLBTradeRumors]

5. A recap of last week’s Biggest Loser. Thank the good Lord Brittany’s gone. [NBC]


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