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Romanian thieves are ballsy

Pax Arcana

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been questioning my exclusive reliance on Belgian thieves for my highway piracy work. Sure, they like the money. But their tactics are just so, well, borrrrrring.

I’ve been thinking of switching for a while, but wasn’t sure who to give my business to. According to this article, however, the choice is clear:

Six Romanians have been arrested on allegations they stole mobile phones and laptops from the back of a tractor-trailer as they followed it down a German autobahn at 60 miles an hour, Dortmund police said Tuesday.


Let’s hear some more:

In the nighttime darkness, with their lights off, the men drove up behind a transport truck.

Once in place, one man climbed onto the hood of his own car, then used a bolt cutter to break a lock on the trailer door before heaving it open and climbing inside. He then handed boxes of electronics back to a second man on the car hood, who loaded them into the thieves’ vehicle, Radecke said.

A second car blocked the left lane during the operation to prevent other cars from pulling too close, he said.

One thing that stands out about this caper is the physical dexterity required to pull off a job like this. It must take years of training to maintain your balance while hopping from cars to trucks at high speed.

I wonder where the Romanians find criminals with such physical gifts?

6 allegedly steal electronics from moving trailer [AP]



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