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Simon Pegg is funny and smart — and in grave danger

Pax Arcana

Because all good things in life eventually get murdered by small-time newspaper editors with abhorrent writing skills, it’s a good bet that Simon Pegg will one day follow Ricky Gervais into the cross hairs of the Lowell Sun.

In advance of his new movie, Run, Fat Boy, Run, the New York Times profiles the star of the hilarious films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Frost and Pegg. Like Sonny and Cher only funny and British. And dudes.

Unsurprisingly, Pegg comes across as whip smart and down-to-earth. Like the complete opposite of most actors. Here’s his take on it:

“I THINK the reason actors become idiots is because you’re treated so well,” the British actor Simon Pegg said recently over multiple cups of coffee at a chic downtown hotel. “You’re driven everywhere, and you’re put up in really nice places. The actors that turn into idiots are the ones that start believing it’s because they deserve it, not because they’re just not trusted, which is the truth. The truth is actors are flaky, unreliable and mostly unstable people, and they need to be mollycoddled at all times.”

Of course, no story on Pegg would be complete without mention of Nick Frost, Pegg’s costar in two movies and one TV series. The two met when Frost and Pegg’s girlfriend waited tables at the same Mexican restaurant in England. Eventually they began communicating in beeps and boops and sleeping together:

At dinner a week after they met, Mr. Pegg, who was soused, “made the noise of a little droid in ‘Star Wars,’ ” Mr. Frost recalled. “It was such a little specific thing, and I’d never heard anyone else do that before. It was like he was talking my language. We both understood each other perfectly.” They eventually parlayed their knowledge of pop culture ephemera into bull’s-eye parodies.

When they met, Mr. Pegg was performing as a comedian, and he pulled Mr. Frost along. They were roommates for eight years; through a series of buddy-flick-worthy mishaps they even wound up (platonically) sharing a bed for months. “There was never any impropriety,” Mr. Frost said, “but it just felt nice.”

It’s exactly this kind of story that makes me want to pay $10 for Run, Fat Boy, Run, even though Frost isn’t in it (to my knowledge), and it was directed by David Schwimmer.

The Times says Pegg and Frost are working on a new film about a pair of geeky British friends called Paul. I can only pray the Lowell Sun spares their lives at least until after primary photography is done.

Regular Bloke Takes a Dip in Star Territory [New York Times]


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