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My army of sexy snipers has been discovered!


Pax Arcana

A whip-smart young reporter for Wired recently found something interesting in a Reuters report of Russian accounts of the recent border skirmish between that nation (full disclosure: a client of mine) and the nation of Georgia (also a client).

In the original report, a Russian general complains that the Georgians had used, in part, foreign fighters to provoke a military conflict.  “There were also two snipers … one from Ukraine and I believe a Latvian woman,” according to the general.

This statement made the Wired reporter suspicious:

That sounds an awful lot like the mythical “white tights” — the exotic female snipers of Chechen war lore who were said to pick off hapless Russian conscripts. As the story had it, these stone-cold, blue eyed killers were said to be from the Baltics — or Ukraine. They were sometimes described as Olympic biathletes recruited as mercenary sharpshooters by Chechen commanders.

Typical liberal media incompetence.

For one thing, they are Scandinavian — not Ukrainian or Baltic. For another thing, The Army of Pax Arcana Sexy Snipers (TAPASS) wears whatever clothing best suits the mission at hand — whether that means white tights, black tights or bikinis.

And finally, the only thing the TAPASS hunts — whether here or abroad — is the army of soulless brain-craving undead that haunt the countryside. So I would appreciate it if you left them to their task.

The Return of ‘White Tights’: Mythical Female Snipers Stalk Russians [Wired]


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