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Friday Random 10: Baseball-liking rock stars edition

Pax Arcana

Our own Perry Ellis has a borderline-creepy fascination with doughy retro-rockers The Hold Steady — a condition not shared explicitly by Father Scott and myself, but treated with deference lest the old man succumb to a bout of senile agitation.

In the cyberpages of ESPN.com yesterday, Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn returned the favor, offering up love to many things dear to the extended Pax Familias.

For example, the Twins fan is also partial to the Mets:

Kevin (NYC): I know you are a big Twins fan, but living in brooklyn now, do you have a favorite new york team? (and I’d hope if you do, it’s not the yankees)

Craig Finn: New York Mets. I can see them most nights on TV. I was happy to see Santana land there instead of the Yankees or Red Sox. They are just a fun team to watch. A good friend of ours has season tickets so we go sometimes. The Rangers are a close second. I just recently got back into hockey. I never really took to the Wild. I’ve been to quite a few Rangers games with friends. And the Knicks just aren’t very likable right now.

And he loves Fenway:

Dustin (Minneapolis, MN): What is your favorite baseball stadium to go watch a game? What kind of hopes or expectations do you have for the new Twins stadium?

Craig Finn: My favorite park is Fenway. I went to a lot of games there when they were not very good. I did get to go to a lot of games for cheap and you can’t do that anymore. For the Twins, taking the ceiling off is fulfilling a lot of my expectations. I think they are on the right track. Small witih lots of sightlines so you can see the game from all over.

And he likes Radiohead, despite what bandmate Tad Kubler says:

Ryan Dees: What’s up with your boy Tad dissing Radiohead? Do you feel the same way?

Craig Finn: I do not feel the same way.

Craig Finn: But to each their own.

So there you have it. The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn pretty much likes all the right stuff. Now if he would just quit forcing 42,000 words into three minute pop songs we’d sooooo be on the same page.

On to the songs:

Shake it Off — Wilco
Cruised and Accused of Cruising — Lifter Puller (Speak of the devil, huh?)
Nom de Plume — Calexico
Corona Radiata — Nine Inch Nails
Resurrection Fern — Iron & Wine
Joey — Bob Dylan
Promiscuous — Nelly Furtado (Shut up. Just shut up.)
Wash Off — Deerhunter
All Up the Seething Coast — The Mountain Goats
Dirty Dishes — Deer Tick

Bonus Video:

Flume — Bon Iver (Live on Conan)

The Rules: The Friday Random 10 is exactly that — random. We open up our iTunes, set the thing on shuffle, and listen to 10 songs. We are not permitted to skip any out of embarrassment or fear of redundancy. Commenters are encouraged to post their own.


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3 things I heard during lunch break (and one I read when I got back)

Father Scott

I had an ungodly lunch break full of waiting in line and driving all over creation. Moving is annoying, people. Sad you missed tagging along on my ride? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s what I learned on the radio:

1) Jason Varitek is done. If you live in the Boston area and are even a tepid sports fan, you’ve heard this ad nauseum for the last two months. Other than the Manny hatefest, this has been the number 1 sports topic (no. 2: WTF is wrong with Clay Buchholz? no. 451389: Paul Byrd signs with the Sox).

Maybe I’m a mindless drone, but I buy all the talk that Tek is defensively amazing, as part as working with pitchers goes. I also am a proponent of keeping a steady presence or two for an organization. Tek’s the guy. I say keep him until those tree trunk legs he has fall off.

2) Jeremy Guthrie leads the league in quality starts. Really?

3) I like my sugar with coffee and cream.

4) Official band of Perry Ellis The Hold Steady hates Radiohead. Not really, but it got your attention, right? How about this: they like Oasis more. Seriously.


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Pax Absentia: Otis! My man!

Perry Ellis

With Pax and the Padre off enjoying sunnier climes, it devolves to Perry Ellis to keep some semblance business as usual around these parts.

So here’s a pair of items designed to warm the cockles of our hearts (and yet another music re-issue update), with a double hat tip to Pitchfork:

1) The redoubtable Rhino Records is re-releasing the 1966 album by Official Saint of Pax Arcana Otis Redding, the seminal Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul, the LP that brought “Respect” to the world–and Aretha Franklin. Sock it to me.

May the blessings of the saint be upon you evermore.

2) The working title of The Hold Steady’s fourth album in five years is Stay Positive, which is unnecessary advice for Perry Ellis–just the news that this great band is hard at work in the studio is enough to keep hope alive.

As the week wears on without our esteemed leader and his capable sidekick, we hope to have a post from our new advice columnist, courtesy of the Reverend E, and anything else Perry can scrape from the Webertubes between researching integrated supply and open-source ERP products. Stay tuned!

Who’s got the better mustache, Otis, Pax or the Boss of the Beast Lair? You be the judge!


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Semi-official band of Perry Ellis making “awesome” new record

From our dear friends at Paste, The Hold Steady is in the studio this and next month working on its follow-up to 2006’s Boys and Girls in America.

Producer John Agnello has the following substantive information from his website:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome back The Hold Steady to the studio. We have just started recording the new record and it is gonna be awesome. I don’t have many details besides the fact that the songs are great, everyone is playing and/or singing their asses off and we are having a blast.

No word on who writes Agnello’s press releases, but they probably came from Dennis Kucinich’s campaign.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner, sometimes I feel like my only friend…

Paste also relays that The Hold Steady has a few upcoming shows, though they’re limited to a random Florida town and limey residences. Looks like Perry and Pax will have to scamper for some MLK weekend plane tickets to Ybor City.

-Father Scott


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