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Anno Paxus: The Top Posts of 2007

king_alfred_statue.jpgSince we’re just killing time until the fat man brings us our HDTVs and train sets, we thought we’d do a recap of the year in Pax Arcana — which was actually far less than a year since we only started this blog in August. Our criteria for picking the top posts was pretty loose. Some made us laugh. Some made us feel queasy. And some even offered original content. Whatever. We half-assed it as usual.

Let’s start with the top post of 2007:

This one has it all: Food, irreverence, politics, current events, a great headline, and baked potatoes. It remains near the top of our most-read list, and is the link we go back when we need reminding why the hell we started this blogsperiment.

Lots more goodness after the jump.

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