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Like if YouTube and Pandora boned

Father Scott


Via YoonTunes (the man, not the blog), this site is a giant database of mp3s and videos that you can access at your command. So, if, for example, your ipod always craps out and has no battery power and you’ve run out of fantasy sports podcasts to listen to but you still want to drown out the giant Norwegian who is mashing zombie intenstines with his racquetball racquet at his desk, well, you have a place to go.

OrĀ if you want to get your Rob Zombie on…

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The rest of the best of 2008

Father Scott

Best-of lists are all the rage in December (and annoyingly, now November as well) and all Paxites (in addition to some dude I don’t know) beat me to the punch in posting their lists. A multi-part best songs series, while fun, would just be redundant, so I’ll spare you and focus on things that Pax, Perry, FA, and the good doc missed or undersold, along with my own lists at the end, for posterity’s sake.

Without further ado, the best things in music in 2008, according to the Padre and his gaggle of female admirers (who shamelessly do what I say).

Lil Wayne’s lyricism. Pax didn’t give him enough due, and though the album was crazy-hyped, I feel like people are forgetting about it on their year-end lists. It’s Tha Carter III, bitch.

Weazy F. Baby, Esq.

Initially, I was going to make a gigantic list of the best lines on the album, but I realized that the list would have about 100 selections, and that most of them don’t translate well to print because the charm is in the way Weazy morphs his voice around the words. My favorite one lately has been in “Phone Home”:

I’m rare
Like Mr. Clean with hair
No break lights on my car-eer
I never had life and I never had fear
I rap like I’d have died and gone to heaven I swear
And yeah-r I’m a bear
Like black and white hair
So I’m polar
And they can’t get on my system cause my system is the solar
I am so far from the o-thers I mean others
I done eat them for supper get in my spaceship and hover

I love it. And I think it’s a “Lost” reference, which is fantastic.

You can look all you want, but Lil Wayne is far from y’all

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YoonTunes Invitational: Vote for the best music of the year

Father Scott

This is the time of the year when everyone and their mom puts together a “best albums of the year” list. I’ll do it, except in a prolonged, unnecessary way. Perry will do it. Pax might chime in, if only in comments.

But our good friend at YoonTunes has an interesting idea. He’s set up the YoonTunes Invitational, wherein he’s asking people to fill in their best albums of the year on his site, and he’s going to run some numbers to see where you stack up against Pitchfork and the like.

So go check it out and make sure to vote by Dec. 15ish, his hard-and-fast deadline. I’ll be sure to link to any interesting findings he has, in case you haven’t added YoonTunes to your Reader and read it obsessively (shame on you).

And when voting, remember how awesome this guy is:


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Hear ye, hear ye: new Wilco

Father Scott

Yoontunes has kindly bundled together the four new Wilco tunes that are floating around: “One Wing”, “Sunny Feeling,” and two unnamed ones. Take a listen.

I’ve discussed the first two before, but I’ll repeat that I’m underwhelmed. “One Wing” sounds like a cover band doing a caricature of Wilco (especially Tweedy’s voice…he’s almost hamming it up) and the lyrics are ridiculous. “Sunny Feeling” is OK, but kind of boring.

The two unnamed ones are new to me. The melody of the first one is a dead ringer of “On and On and On” to the point that I can’t concentrate. The last song is fairly unmemorable to me, but perhaps it’ll improve on repeated listens.

All in all, I’m nervous about the direction Wilco is headed. I liked Sky Blue Sky, but it’s probably my fourth favorite of their records. I don’t like hearing that Tweedy is distancing himself from his past work, and that he seems to be headed more and more into a Sky Blue Sky direction, which I think will tire quickly. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

That said, listen to some chick named Marnie Stern cover Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

UPDATE: Jeff and the boys are gonna be on The Colbert Report tonight. I hope he interviews Tweedy as part of it; Tweedy’s a funny dude.

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A blog that’s the bomb like tick, tick

Father Scott

The only thing I’ve liked more than my beard in 2008 is Lil Wayne. Suffice it to say that when this year’s top 3,491 songs of 2008 series of posts on Pax Arcana rolls around, Tha Carter III will be featured prominently.

And now Lil Wayne has joined the likes of noted luminaries Andre Ethier, Marshawn Lynch, and Ben Yoon in the blogosphere.

Lil Wayne’s blog is hosted by ESPN, which means that a trust-fund-aided Princeton student likely types it up and intentionally misspells a few things that Wayne has recorded on a voicemail. He proved his sports fanhood by tattooing ESPN on his arm a few months ago, which, based on his propensity for ink, means that ESPN is one of his 400,000,000 favorite things in the world.

Anyway, a few points of interest: Mr. Carter is a Packers and Red Sox fan, but still cheers for departed players Brett Favre and Manny Ramirez. The New Orleans Nightmare even responds to reader feedback asking why he isn’t a Saints fan:

People were also asking in the blog comments why don’t I like the Saints? I do like the Saints, but I’m not a Saints fan first, and that’s only because that shows my true love for sports. I’m not just gonna choose a favorite team just ’cause that’s my city. The only reason why I’m a Saints fan is because that’s my city, but I’m a true Packers fan.

Cogent. And his thoughts on the baseball playoffs, which start in mere moments.

The Red Sox start the playoffs this week, and my thoughts are up in the air about them because, honestly, their chances are up in the air. I’m so grateful they made the post-season, but I’m kind of not sure about them. You know how you can envision a team in the World Series? I don’t see them. I close my eyes and I see the Tampa Bay Rays. I’m a big emotion guy. I’m a heart guy, and I think they all play that way.

Might as well go on the record (since my NFL picks seem to be going so well): I like Sox over Rays and Dodgers over Brewers in the championship series, with the Sox getting another title over LA in 5.

Keep your eye on the ball, kids

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YoonTunes is for the people, by the people

Father Scott

Aside from him unnecessarily calling me an “ass clown”, YoonTunes went out of his way to answer my question about the benefits of listening to Radiohead’s Kid A album on vinyl instead of MP3 format. He claims to be “no good at describing sounds” but then goes ahead and describes the sounds he heard on vinyl. An interesting read if you know nothing about the differences. Here’s what he has to say about one of the standout tracks of the album, “The National Anthem.”

in an album that has a lot of drawn out vocals over layers of electric piano drone, guitar riffs, some noise on loop, and bass drums, and when not of it is garbled, kid A makes more sense as music. i was sold on it with national anthem, all that stuff going on with the high hat going and big sound and grungy bass line.

Since I have nothing to add about the benefits of vinyl, here’s a YouTube video of the same song. I know it’s not vinyl quality, but admit it, you don’t want to work. Here’s a four-minute time-killer.

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2 of my friends have music blogs

Father Scott

…now, go read them:



Neither updates terribly often, but I can tell you this much: Yoontunes hates Coldplay and Mitchfork is not creative at naming his blog. But he did write a(n unpublished) novel recently, so he still gets my props.


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