For nearly one years, Pax Arcana has been your online home for all things food, baseball, science, Vikings, media, and zombies. So why not show your loyalty to our tribe by sporting one of these spiffy T-shirts? Jesus, it’s not like we’re telling you to get a tattoo or anything. It’s just a T-shirt, sparky.

Pax Arcana Tag Cloud T-shirt (Men):


Show the world just how varied your tastes are with the Pax Arcana Tag Cloud T-shirt. Logo on the front. Tag cloud on the back. Available in 13 different colors, and in long-sleeve variety. $24.99 (short sleeve) — $29.99 (long sleeve).

Pax Arcana Tag Cloud T-shirt (Women):

pax_tag_chocolate_front.jpg pax_tag_chocolate_back.jpg
Do you like tag cloud T-shirts and have boobs? Then the Pax Arcana Tag Cloud T-shirt (Women) is for you. Shown in Chocolate. Not made of actual chocolate. Available in 6 colors. $24.99.

Pax Arcana Replica Jersey:

pax_replicajerseyshirt_front.jpg pax_replicajerseyshirt_back.jpg
Relive the golden age of Division III NESCAC baseball (1994-1998) with this Pax Arcana replica baseball jersey. Available in one color, with one number. Live with it. $26.00 (short sleeve) — $32.99 (long sleeve).

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